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Information technology services are critical to operating a business with computers. Network security is a superior concern for companies with PC operators. Corporate documents, personal identities and proprietary files are at stake. We can help you to implement an intelligent IT policy. You can rely on our outstanding customer support and high availability. We work with Linux servers, Windows servers, Cisco firewalls, 3Com switches, ZyXel VPN equipment, HP ProCurve gear and the most common technology assets in the marketplace. Our office is in Pratt, Kansas. We cover a territory spanning from Colby, Kansas to Lawrence, Kansas, and from Orleans, Nebraska to Grove, Oklahoma, including Enid and Edmond, Oklahoma.

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Verity Information Systems
214 South Main Street
Pratt, KS 67124

620-930-1000 Medicine Lodge Office
620-933-1000 Pratt Office
620-825-1000 Kiowa Office
620-933-7700 Help Desk
620-933-1050 Pratt Fax

Rackmount servers

Computer Network Management Services

Your business depends on information.   Your information depends on technology.   We manage information technology systems to ensure the reliabilty and productivity of business networks and business processes.   We are not just another computer vendor.   We are your integrated strategic IT partner.   You can rely on us to perform on time, within budget, time after time.

We manage computer networks, wide area networks, hosting systems, virtualized environments, Windows Server systems and Linux server systems for business throughout South Central Kansas.   Network and server availability are critical business operations and that is the focus of our business.   Our typical client is one who has a real need for dependable and consistent tech support and IT consultation, yet may not be able to justify their own full-time IT administrator, or one who already has internal IT network admin and needs additional outside support for overflow projects or advanced issue resolution.

If your business needs dependable and responsive IT support, contact us to discuss your information technology needs.  

Server Hardware, Software, Licensing, Sales & Services

Managed cabling, datacenter, telecommunications closet

Open source, closed source, insourced or outsourced: our goal is to help you meet your business technology goals.   Depending on your needs and your software requirements, we can provide Linux-based solutions, Windows Server solutions, or hybrid mixed environments.   You can rely us to be your source for servers, software and support.  

Desktop PC Hardware, Software & Services

In today's business, productivity means depending on your computer equipment and software.   Your business processes need dependable equipment and dependable software.   You can rely on us to provide dependable solutions and outstanding quality PC and desktop support.

Regulatory Compliance & Information Technology

Federal and State regulations are a real concern for your business technology planning and execution.   We have the experience and the resources to help your business achieve regulatory compliance.   You can rely on us to help you with your IT Governance needs, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley.  

Web Design & Hosting Services

With over a decade of web and graphic design experience, our web design services provide a comprehensive and effective internet marketing and web presence for your business.  

Our network administrators maintain and manage internal hosting servers, and we provide server support directly to other area hosting providers.   So, why not go to the "go to" guys? Our web hosting services & e-mail services are reliable, flexible and feature-rich.

You can count on us for all of your business information technology needs.   On time, on budget and with the highest level of integrity in the business.

Do you need technical support?   Can your clients find your business online?   Are you looking for a price quote or project bid?   Please feel free to submit your question online or call us at (620) 672-6332.

About Ryan Beisner, SCTelcom Director of Operations, former President & CEO of VTYI
Ryan Beisner, Beisner Corporation, Founder of Verity Information Systems
Ryan Beisner open source linux cloud engineer archives

About the People

Ryan Beisner

Beisner, President, Beisner 
Corporation dba Verity Information Systems Ryan is President of Beisner Corporation and founder of Verity Information Systems.   He has over ten years of experience with business development, information technology and business computer information systems.   Holding several vendor and industry certifications, Ryan is typically our lead project coordinator.  


We also utilize part-time employees and occasionally subcontractors from various regional service providers.   Our staff and our contractors are held to the highest industry standards to ensure that our clients receive outstanding value and consistent service.  

Partners and Trade Names Overview

  • AEnternet Network Services is a trademark and a subsidiary of Beisner Corporation (Kansas), offering general business IT consulting services.
  • Automatic Engineering Group is a trade name and a subsidiary of B Beisner Corporation (Florida), offering automation solutions and consulting services for manufacturers.
  • Beisner Corporation is a Kansas-based company, offering information technology consulting services.
  • Dedicated Penguin is a service trade name of Beisner Corporation (Kansas), which serves as a community linux portal.
  • Demizo is a service trade name of Beisner Corporation (Kansas), offering custom DNS solutions.
  • Lanplace.net is a service trade name of Beisner Corporation (Kansas), offering corporate intranet solutions.
  • Linapse is a service trade name of Beisner Corporation (Kansas), offering business web application development and support.
  • Sysop's Fables is a service of Beisner Corporation (Kansas), offering technical analysis through online publications.
  • UpstreaMX is a service trade name and product trademark of Beisner Corporation (Kansas), offering anti-UCE / anti-SPAM corporate e-mail filtering services.

Company History

Verity Information Systems, a subsidiary and a trademark of Beisner Corporation, has evolved and thrived in South Central Kansas for over 10 years.   The core of its evolution is and always has been reliable computer systems, responsive support techs and consistent quality of service.

In 1999, Ryan Beisner started SureFire Networks, a sole-proprietorship. SureFire provided general computer consulting services and multimedia freelance services to businesses in and around Lawrence, KS, Hays, KS and Pratt, KS.   In February of 2002, SureFire Networks was put on hold as Ryan focused on the startup of a rural WI-FI ISP and web host, in alliance with Connectivity Services, Inc. (aka Ourtown Online, WichitaUSA, or DataArc Internet Services).  

After the Rural WI-FI ISP project, Ryan began operating a general business network consulting company, AEnternet Network Services, also a sole proprietorship.   AEnternet secured several network management IT consulting contracts in the Pratt, KS area.   Strategic partnerships were formed with web hosting companies in two separate US states.   AEnternet began providing business website hosting, email hosting, upstream anti-spam services in 2004.  

Beisner Corporation was incorporated in 2005 as a Kansas Corporation, and the AEnternet Network Services trade name was rolled into the new company.   In 2008, the AEnternet name was retired and replaced by the current Verity Information Services trade name.  

Company Information

Verity Information Services is a service of SCTelcom, Medicine Lodge, KS.   Verity Information Services, VTYI.com, VTYI, AEnternet, and AEnternet Network Services are trademarks of SCTelcom.   All rights are reserved.

Company Address and Phone Numbers

Verity Information Systems
214 South Main Street
Pratt, KS 67124

620-930-1000 Medicine Lodge Office
620-933-1000 Pratt Office
620-825-1000 Kiowa Office
620-933-7700 Help Desk
620-933-1050 Pratt Fax


While we may provide support and/or sales services or make reference to their respective products and services, we are not affiliated with, endorsed by or endorsing the following companies and/or brands: 3Com, Automatic Engineering Group, B Beisner Corporation of Florida, Cisco Systems, CIO Magazine, Compaq, Connectivity Services, Inc., DataArc Internet Services, Dell Computer, Force10 Networks, Forrester Research, HP, IBM, InfoTech Research Group, Linux Magazine, Microsoft, Redhat, Ourtown Online, ZyXel, Zywall, or any other third party mentioned on our website or in our communications. .  

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